Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files, sent by the WWW server serving and saved on the User’s device’s hard disk or inside the device’s memory. By default, cookies can only be read by the server which these cookies originate from. 

Purposes of storing and reading cookies:

  • personalisation of the user experience (eg. saving the font size, or website theme)
  • saving user’s choices or user’s login data (eg. to enable user saving it’s login/password during website’s browsing, remember login for next visits)
  • enabling interactions with social media portals (eg. sharing Facebook wall posts, sharing posts to your friends to Facebook or Google+ directly from
  • personalisation of advertisments displayed on the website
  • storing data for statistical analysis to optimize website functionality and user experience.

You can always disable cookies by using your browser’s settings. Browser settings tool can be used to customize what cookies should be blocked. 

Below we present how to reach the cookie policy in most commonly used browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Menu > Settings > Show Advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies.
  • Internet Explorer: Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Menu > Options > Privacy > History.
  • Opera: Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies.
  • Safari: Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies.

Detailed information about cookies’ settings is provided in the user manual of a browser or on the website of a particular browser’s producer.

For more information about cookies see our Privacy Policy.